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What Kind of Bed Would Your Child Like?

Children’s beds have never been so exciting. With more space saving and design ideas now available than ever before, you have plenty of options for choosing a child’s bed that is both practical and fun.

Children and bunk beds

Bunk beds, which of course originated on ships, are a great way of getting an extra child into a room that might not offer the floor space for twin beds. And even in a larger room, bunks free up floor space by making the most of otherwise wasted vertical space. The classic configuration is two beds placed one on top of the other and held apart by support posts; however you can also buy a double bed below a single bed, or an L-shaped bunk that creates extra storage space below the top bunk.

Bunk beds are great fun for kids sharing a room. They can help a younger child feel safe at night knowing they are close to an older sibling, yet still have their own private space. Bunk beds also offer an excellent focus of children’s games – with a little imagination the bunk bed can be transformed into a fort, a pirate ship or a castle. And even if your child has his or her own room, bunk beds can still provide a very useful extra guest bed.

There are some safety issues to bear in mind when choosing bunk beds, as children using the top bunk can injure themselves. Bunk beds usually come with a minimum age guide for the top bunk, which is sometimes four, but more usually six, but you should always satisfy yourself that your child is safe and secure on the bunk whether playing or sleeping. You should also take care that the mattress you choose for the top bunk is not too high, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the safety rail. single trundle bed 

Stacker beds and trundle beds

Children love having sleepover parties and friends to stay. Stacker beds, two single beds that stack away on top of each other effectively creating one elevated bed, are a great idea if your child sometimes has a long-term guest, but is otherwise alone for lengthy periods. The 2 beds are both proper beds, but separating the two units could be tiresome on a very regular basis.

Trundle beds have been used since medieval times. The Lord and Lady of the Manor slept in an elaborate four-poster bed, under which was stored a simple, low wooden bed. This would be rolled out at night for their personal servants to sleep on. Today’s trundle is a low bed on wheels or casters that slides underneath another bed to be stored when not in use. Trundles make a useful spare bed for children’s guests, and some trundle beds can be raised so they are the same height as the main bed.

Cabin beds and loft beds

It can be difficult for your child to keep his or her bedroom tidy when there isn’t enough storage space for toys, books, games and other clutter. But adding extra storage furniture takes up floor space and can make the room feel cramped. An inventive way around this problem is to use the bed itself as a piece of storage furniture.

Cabin beds, also known as Captain’s beds, are very popular, especially in the US. First used on old ships to give the captain somewhere to keep his possessions, these consist of a wooden bed on top of four spacious drawers. Many are designed to look like a traditional log cabin bed, but you can get exciting modern versions, too.

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