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How To Play A More Aggressive Chess Game

In the game of chess there are a variety of strategies that you can use that will help you win the game. Some people play more defensively waiting for their opponent to mess up. Others will play more aggressively constantly attacking the opponent. Find out what you can do that will help you be more aggressive with your chess game.

Know all your openers. There are many ways of starting each game. If you have memorized the most common openers, you can move quickly and know what your opponent is probably doing. This will help you know where to attack if you can guess what your opponent is doing.

Move your pieces quickly yet still carefully. This is a trick that you can use that will help you gain an advantage over your opponent. If you play like this, many opponents will start to feel some anxiety. They will question each of their moves while it looks like you are not. This confidence is part of the aggressive strategy.


Be sure that you are always covering the center four squares of the board. When you are being aggressive, this is your defense. If those are covered, you are protected enough to attack.

Always take an equal trade if you see one. Take this as often as you can. Doing so will ruin your opponent’s defense leaving them having to come up with a new strategy.

Don’t be aggressive with your queen early in the game. A good opponent will see what you are doing and will trap your queen. If you lose her, you have lost in most cases.

Practice speed chess. This will make you act faster with less thinking. The faster you learn to play, the more aggressive you will seem while playing. When you play live opponents with more time, your game will be much faster.

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